Or, if you will, body and soul, a total commitment to each individual project. That’s the spirit in which every CRN voyage begins. And that’s how we have always made our yachts: by putting all our passion and experience into making an idea – your idea. To create a true one-off opus.



Any dream, idea or desire must be given substance before it can take shape and become an experience. More than technical skill and expertise, what makes a yacht a CRN yacht is the culture of a pursuit of perfection and an insistent attention to detail that our project managers, engineers, project architects, interior designers and sales team embrace. This is the beating heart of our idea of uniqueness, a marriage of total technical mastery with a passion for craftsmanship, forged and modelled around your concept of cruising. That’s why, as she gradually comes to life, a CRN yacht becomes the embodiment and exclusive fusion of your ideas and vision.

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