In this difficult period for everybody, Seastemia, Yacht Consult Luxembourg in association with the Ferretti Group Shipyard wanted to address all of his clients but not only, solidarity assistance and support, with a  special thoughts to those of them involved in the Health Care sector!


Not only we took all measures, to grant the security of our staff working all remotly now, but also we decided to postpone all the Yachting meetings, viewing and events in order to let you all concentrate on the main concerns of this sanitary crisis.


In case of any specific request we will of course remain available for any of our valued clients and in between we will continue to prepare the outbreak for the next step and for all opportunities which will surely derivate from the ongoing events.


Thinking forward to see the coming sun after the storm,


Among all, please stay safe and healthy, and see you soon enough for better life projects, and discussions.


Thomas P.


  • 3 Rue de la Loge L-1945 Luxembourg