New Iconic model in the sport fly range, Riva 88’ Folgore is the exciting last Riva born.


Presented for the first time during Monaco Private preview event in Monaco, this strongly fitted unit with a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines rated 2,638 mhp, for a top speed of 39 knots and a cruising speed of 33 knots. The standard shaft propulsion solution allow this 26.92 meters long and 6.31m wide beast to unbeatably perform or to cruise, the best of both worlds in a pure luxury life style like only RIVA is able to provide. This time, once again Mauro Michelli and Sergio Beretta (Officina Italia Design) in Cooperation with Ferretti Engineering Dpt. led by Pierro Ferrarri again redefined the standards on this new released Diamond flashing lights as a "Folgore". 


As always, please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information on Riva Folgore,



  • 8 Rue Jean Engling L-1466 Luxembourg