Last 19th of December, against the magnificent backdrop of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Elton

John gave an exclusive performance for the guests of Ferretti Group, who were enraptured by his

memorable show.

Elton John, whose incredible international touring career recently came to an end with his glorious

Farewell Tour, captivated the audience of more than 900 Ferretti Group guests with his greatest hits,

in an incredibly emotional experience


“It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside: in Venice, in the Gran Teatro La Fenice, only wonderful things can

happen. We wanted to offer our friends an event of the same beauty of our boats and Ferretti Group’s

incredible 2023,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “A huge thank you to Elton John, who last

night gave an unforgettable performance, treating us all to a thrill every time he played the first chords of

his magnificent songs. An incredible evening we’ll keep in our hearts for many years to come."

The concert was in support of Save Venice, the no-profit organisation with a mission to preserve

Venice’s artistic heritage and the Teatro La Fenice Foundation, of which Ferretti Group is supporting

partner since 2021.


During the evening, Ferretti Group honoured its commitment to supporting 7: the David Beckham

UNICEF Fund, announcing the sale of the magnificent Riva Anniversario auctioned off to mark the

180th anniversary of Riva, with the entire proceeds donated to help children in El Salvador.


After the concert, to celebrate the extraordinary event, Ferretti Group’s guests made their way to the

Teatro La Fenice’s Sale Apollinee for an haute cuisine tasting by and with the Massimo Bottura Chef

patron of the three-star Michelin Osteria Francescana.

  • 8 Rue Jean Engling L-1466 Luxembourg